Poster Designs
While at my former agency, I led an internal project to design posters illustrating some of the shop’s core principles — directing my team as well as designing several of the posters myself. 
These are my designs, including one that addresses a pet peeve of mine: the tick mark, or as I call it, the “impostrophe.”
Tilt your device to read
Tilt your device to read
“Bump the Lamp”?
The “Bump the Lamp” poster was inspired by the story behind this scene in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. To add a bit of drama, the animation team decided to have one of the characters’ heads bump the lamp and set it swinging. That one change made the scene much harder to animate because of the constantly shifting light source — but also a hell of a lot cooler and more realistic. And they did it just because they could.
“Bump the lamp” wasn’t actually one of the agency’s values until I presented this poster and made the case for adding it. But it’s always been one of mine.
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