Transforming loyalty emails into lifestyle content
When my team I were tasked with growing the user base for Johnson & Johnson’s multibrand loyalty program, I quickly realized that we needed to think beyond sweepstakes, coupons, and click rates — and reengineer Healthy Essentials from the ground up to connect with a younger, more social media–savvy audience. 

Based on this work, HE named my agency their Creative Agency of Record.

I redesigned and retooled HE’s expansive email program to shift the focus away from coupons and sweeps — and toward increased engagement, dynamic content, and lots more energy and color. 

Bringing high-value content, product benefits, and loyalty rewards to the fore helped reposition HE’s monthly newsletter emails as a lifestyle tool, instead of just a couponing program. 
Content Ecosystem
My team and I rewrote and redesigned key content on HE’s website to increase engagement and promote products from J&J brands, and developed a CM strategy to drive traffic from Pinterest  pins created specifically for the purpose.

In addition to refreshed imagery and strong visual storytelling, we incorporated a range of downloadable and interactive bonus content to help bring HE’s benefits out into the real world.
We developed dozens of new article-pin ecosystems based on the most-searched topics by existing and potential subscribers, balancing HE’s content strategy to make the brand relevant to a wider range of age groups, and well as to subscribers with and without children.
Content Marketing: Social Media
We launched HE on Pinterest with a 2-part strategy that combined short “teaser” pins with longer, standalone list pins driving to key website content.
Brand Identity
Finally, I developed the first-ever brand style guides for Healthy Essentials and HE Baby & Child…
…and gave the program a fresh, friendly, modern new logo.
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