Telling a brand story through ecommerce  
To respond effectively to the COVID-19 pandemic, Clean & Clear needed to upgrade its presence on major ecommerce platforms.

I worked closely with the brand team to develop a storytelling framework that incorporated key brand content pillars to create a deeper, differentiated experience on the platform and replicate critical aspects of the in-store customer experience.

We not only increased online sales, but also caught the attention of Amazon, who selected our work as an example of best-in-class creative for other brands to follow.

Amazon Storefront
Home Page
The brand storefront organizes all of Clean & Clear’s products by function, while highlighting new and best-selling products.
Platform Pages
Landing pages for each function/need state combine brand messaging and key claims with clickable tiles leading directly to individual product pages — allowing shoppers to browse and discover relevant products.
Enhanced Page Content
I expanded on the storefront strategy to optimize individual product pages with premium content modules that incorporated brand imagery, key claims, and benefits in an engaging way. 
We created enhanced content for more than 100 separate product pages in all.
I developed a brand-wide storytelling framework that combined broad platform benefits with product-specific formula claims, and optimized the user experience across mobile and desktop.
Carousel images and below-the-fold content modules created a compelling, easily digestible narrative around each product, rounding out the story with useful educational content (sun safety tips, healthy skin routines, and makeup tutorials) to provide immediate value to shoppers.
The framework I developed enabled Clean & Clear to highlight each product and product family’s unique benefits while building a cohesive overall brand story.
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