Creating a truly inclusive multibrand advocacy campaign  
Develop a Facebook campaign to openly champion love, equality, and care for LBGTQ people and families — while raising money for partner organizations including PFLAG, Trevor Project, Family Equality Council, and Love Has No Labels.
Create a campaign that makes people feel seen. My team and I paid extra-close attention to diversity in gender, race, age and body type to be able to represent as many different types of LGBTQ people and families as possible. 
6% increase in awareness (2x higher than the norm for CPG) and a whopping 11% lift in favorability (more than 5x the CPG average), reaching more than 11 million Facebook users.
My Role: Creative Director
campaign concept, photo direction, copy direction, animation, campaign toolkit and style guide, team leadership
Campaign Concept
The selected concept, “Caring Is Connection,” rose to the top of a wide-ranging exploration with several other strong candidates.
Campaign Toolkit
The campaign toolkit featured both ready-to-use posts and the building blocks — images and copy direction — to enable Care With Pride’s participating brands to create their own content within the campaign.
Brand Posts
The concept was filtered through the lens of each participating brand and its core audience, for a  campaign that feels both big and deeply personal. 
We created animated versions of several posts to bring the campaign’s messaging to life — and deliver a bit of extra thumb-stopping power.
The campaign was a huge success, boosting awareness by 6% (2x higher than the norm for CPG) and favorability by a whopping 11% (more than 5x the CPG average), and reaching more than 11 million Facebook users.
Several equity partners not only hailed the campaign as a model for inclusion and diversity, but also cross-posted the creative on their own feeds.
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