Creating a values-based brand for Millennials and Gen Z
Aveo already had an international presence, but in launching their premium subscription contact lenses in the US, they wanted to become something more — an emotional, innovative brand that was at once simple and cutting-edge, playful and authoritative. 
To get there, my team and I reimagined virtually every aspect of the Aveo brand. 
Brand Concept
On the heels of an exhaustive behind-the-scenes discovery process — involving stakeholder interviews, customer personas, various exercises to align on positioning and brand personality, and even a TED Talk or two — we developed an emotionally resonant brand concept that would serve as our north star: You deserve happy eyes. 
Avatar and Tagline
For arcane legal reasons, You deserve happy eyes evolved into the registered trademark Make your eyes smile. To complement the tagline, we developed Nubby, a smiling succulent with googly eyes who expresses the joy, energy, and approachability of the Aveo brand.
Brand Logo
A wide-ranging logo exploration led nearly full circle — to an evolutionary redesign using a customized typeface that feels softer, more human, and more readable.
Product Naming and Packaging
To bring some human warmth to Aveo’s highly technical products, I combined upbeat, emotional product names with bold, clean, type-driven design for packaging that can take center stage in social media and advertising.
Brand Video
Aveo’s brand promise — along with some key information on the benefits of their best-in-class lens technology — in 30 seconds.
Social Media
I developed the brand’s content strategy and led my team in creating a vibrant, insight-driven social media presence using a combination of original photography, illustration, and video, as well as stock imagery and influencer content. 
Video posts, unsurprisingly, were some of Aveo’s strongest performing social content. 
One of the most gratifying aspects of creating a global brand? Getting to see how it comes to life in other countries!
Aveo’s site infuses the brand’s personality throughout the customer journey to educate, inform, and spur trial.
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