Launching a revolutionary product for a prestige brand
Arguably the most prestigious name in musical instrument cases, Reunion Blues approached me to help them launch the RB Continental — a new line of premium high-tech gig bags that offer the uncompromising protection RB is known for, at an accessible price point.
These print ads appeared in industry publications, targeting retailers, professional musicians, and serious amateurs.
Initial concepts played on RB’s reputation as the premier gig bag for professional and semi-pro musicians.
We broadened the campaign messaging to speak at once to both musicians and instrument dealers, since they read many of the same industry publications.
The drop test video mentioned in the ad:
My favorite execution was based on the myth that the legendary Robert Johnson got his musical chops by selling his soul to the devil — at a crossroads at midnight, of course.
Created at the request of the PR team, this long-form editorial ad/review was inspired by the tone of publications like Car & Driver and The Robb Report.
And while it wasn’t part of the brief, I just couldn't resist the temptation to suggest a couple of taglines to the team that perfectly summed up the Reunion Blues brand.
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