Advertising + brand positioning
Imagery Estate Winery offers one of the boldest, most diverse portfolios of small-production wines around — including an award-winning estate Cabernet blend, a White Burgundy, and a wide array of unusual varietals like Mourvèdre, Lagrein and Pinot Meunier — showcased in a stunning modern setting. Every Imagery label is graced by an original work of art commissioned and curated especially for the winery.

Unfortunately, their vague, monochromatic advertising and lack of clear positioning didn’t communicate any of this.

The ‘Broaden your palate’ tagline positions Imagery as the choice for wine lovers who are ready to take a few risks and add uncommon choices to their cellars — the pun on ‘palate/palette’ integrates wine and art, turning what could be perceived as a split focus into a multifaceted brand personality. Completing the transformation is a vivid illustration — a wine glass composed of some of Imagery’s more esoteric varietals — that became one of the brand’s key visuals.
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